Let’s take a vow to lead a happy & healthy life. First and foremost, we have to identify ourselves, reflecting and embracing our idiosyncrasies in the mirror of life, in a way so that it reflects a happy image of our self and push back the doors which were hitherto closed.

Our personality has many aspects. Each aspect of ourselves is not tapped often, hence many aspects remain devoid from the light of the day.

It’s only when or if we tap into our hidden potential, & recognize closed aspects of our own self, we shall see a new face of ourselves. A happy self-smiling back at life with renewed fervor filling our empty spaces with utmost and unimaginable joy.

Each & every day starts with a unique flavor of itself. From dawn to night, every transition of the day has its own individualistic traits. Similarly, our life too is divided into distinguished quarters. Each quarter is filled with a distinctive faculty wafting a fragrance of its own. The different stages of life right from childhood to adolescence to youth, middle and old age, comes with special treats hidden in their pockets…to be revealed only when the time of the said transition arrives.

Our youth and more than 60% of our lives are spent in our professional engagements, leaving most of us bone tired and worn out…from the worldly exploits we engage ourselves in. Old age comes with a welcome indulgence in all the unexplored avenues of life. The old-age yawningly reminds of our loneliness, when offspring leave us to explore greener pastures of life, leaving one despondent and forlorn.

The transition from youth- Middle to old age does not ask one to indulge in pessimism. In fact, old age can also be viewed as a welcome age to enjoy a stress-free life inhaling fully the complete flavors of life. We have to learn to explore the different avenues of life, to experience, and feel happiness in every sphere of life.

We have to develop certain innate aptitudes to identify our efficiency practically.

EMOTIONAL AWARENESS - Sometimes it is essential to indulge in self-introspection, to delve deep into the core of our soul to understand the reasons for our behaviors and actions. It is through introspection along. It is possible to get the answers to our why’s of our behavioral traits. This is called emotional awareness and that has to be developed. Emotional awareness alone gives us a positive and practical approach to life.

ACCURATE SELF ASSESSMENT. - We must be aware of our strengths & weaknesses. Our merits and demerits have to be very clear in our minds. It is only when we utilize our strengths and forsake the weaker aspects of our personality, we shall be able to judge ourselves properly and not before that.

SELF CONFIDENCE- The confidence of the self alone shall help one to win the war waged by external and worldly forces.

INCREASING TOLERANCE LEVEL- We have a long-life span. It is not possible to achieve everything that hearts our desires. Ups and downs are a part of life. We have to enrich ourselves, so as to increase our tolerance level. When we learn to accept the failures of our lives and start appreciating our achievements, we become winners in every field and in every aspect of our life. It shall be a win-win situation with our self, and we will be happy in life. Storms are bound to arise in life. Problems must be faced with a strong resolution. Let not a swift wind blow you away from the post you have been holding with your life’s breath.

TO VIEW YOURSELF FROM YOUR OWN MIRROR - We have to stop judging ourselves from other people’s perspectives, which is the sole reason for unhappiness in an individual’s life. We should not bother about the opinion of others and mold our lives accordingly. We should be confident in our own shoes and walk the path of life with our head held high.

Last but not the least… it is only when we stop fretting over things yet unattained in life and marvel over the gifts we have received in our life, appreciate our achievements…we shall be truly happy from within and enjoy a joyous life. Let’s count our blessings first and ignore the rest.

Gitika Chatterjee

Sr. Consultant Psychotherapist


Ruby General Hospital

Sri Aurobindo Seva Kendra (EEDF)

Dr SS Chatterjee Heart Centre

KD Cure Nursing Home

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