Weight Management Exercises during Lockdown

The current scenario across the globe is something that nobody had ever thought will occur .The

entire human community is under lockdown at their places with less exposure to the outer world.

Hence, minimal exposure to any recreation, no going out for walking jogging, talking to friends and

mostly the youths and health enthusiasts find it difficult to work out without the gym. So, remaining

home bound with trying hands in kitchen with different delicacies definitely adds to those extra

calories found around the major body parts. Especially women are more inclined towards gaining


Thus providing some home based exercises to loose weight which are fun and can be done every


1) Squats-These are well known forms of exercises which can be done with many

modifications. Stand straight with both legs parallel to each other and hands clasped upon

each other. Now try to bend your knee and maintain an half sitting posture like on a chair.

You can/[ do it with normal intensity or with dynamic version (faster with music), whichever

suits you.

2) Kick movement- There are various ways of kicking exercise that can be performed.

 Front kick- Stand straight with feet close and parallel to each other. Now place

hands with flexed elbow in front of your chest and do the kicking movement

starting with any side of your leg in front of the leg. Repeat on the other leg.

 Side kick- Stand with feet close and parallel to each other. Now place your flexed

hand in front of your body. Start doing the kick movement in the side of your body.

 Backward kick- Position same as above. Kick movement to be done in the backward

direction with flexed knee.

Kicking movement reduces fat accumulation at the side of the pelvic region and

shapes up the thigh muscles as well.

3) Quadruped leg lift- In this type of exercise, place yourself in the position of four i.e-

supporting your trunk with hand and knee like an animal. Now, lift upward your right leg

with knee bend to 90 degree. Repeat with the other leg. It improves the contour of the

buttock muscle and pelvic area, reducing extra fat deposits.

4) V box/ modified V box- This is an exciting form of Pilates moves that can be practised with

music as well. Stand with your legs wide apart , around 30-35 degree angle. Now move

forward and place your leg in front like making the shape of alphabet “V”. You can use

music and start doing it faster with counting the rhythm.

=In case of modified V box, Place your leg wide apart. Now Move your leg forward and

jump back hoping twice for completion of the “V” shape.

5) Lunges-Stand with legs wide apart. Now place hands at the side of trunk. Keep your right leg

in front of your body with bending the knee to 90 degree, while stretching the other leg at

the back. Repeat the same pattern on the other leg as well.

The lunges can be done with side stretches of the legs also with hands wide open at the side

at 90 degree.

6) Marching- This can be done before initiating all the exercises in the warm up phase and after

completion of the same in the cool down manner. Static marching is done standing and

keeping balance at one position. Taping foot one after the other like marching in the count

of 1-2;1-2 and so on.

7) Static jogging- This one is the faster mode of marching that can be done with alternate legs

or hopping with both legs at a time.

8) Skipping with a rope –Skipping is the most common and best way of work out. Skipping

ropes are available in the market. Start with 20 counts, then go on to 30 and 50 , so on. But

remember to increase the count gradually in every week time.

9) Squat with hand raise- In this type of exercises, take the position of squatting with elbow

flexed in front of your body. Now raise your right hand upward stretching out and leg of the

same side stretched back too, with left leg and hand bend . Repeat on the other side.

10) The scissors- Lie on a yoga mat, now lift both your legs with hands placed at the side of the

body with palm downward placed on floor. You can support a pillow under the low back

area. As you extend your legs upward towards ceiling, move the legs forward and backward

in alternate manner as of cutting a piece of cloth with the scissor.

11) Dance aerobics- If you have a small kid at home and it is actually very difficult to make time

for work out then you can try aerobics with music on and do it along with your kid. Kids find

music very interesting, so they can join you for a hip shaking session without creating any

disturbance. Enjoy your dance aerobics while losing weight and spending time with your


12) Plank is yet another form of exercises that needs patience and needs to be done dedicatedly

as it looks quite tiresome for many. Simply lying on a yoga mat , holding up your body with

supported on elbows and toes. Without allowing your whole body to touch the ground.

Maintain this position for a count of 20 at beginning and then you can increase with due

course of time.

Along with exercises, proper diet with sufficient intake of fibre and protein rich food is also

important. A minimum of 3-5 litres of water intake is also necessary to boost your metabolism.

Seeds like almonds, walnuts should be consumed frequently to improve the digestive system and

improve muscle property. It also improves protein level in body.

Calculating your daily calorie content can help you keep a track on the daily calorie intake and helps

maintain it within the limit.

In addition to all the above mentioned requirements, sleep for at least 8 hours is mandatory.

You can take a nap in the after for 20- 25 minutes which is sufficient to relax your body.

Meditation twice daily for at least 15 minutes each will keep you motivated to work and maintain a

healthy life with healthy body.

In addition to it, a group video work out with friends will also keep you motivated to continue a

regular regimen and will help you feel better connecting with your friends virtually.

Dr.Sakti Mishra (Physiotherapist)

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